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Jun 8, 2015

From before "Portrait of American Family" to today, Marilyn Manson has rocked us with his seductive voice and his band's unique hard driving music. Considered Goth by some, spiritual leader by others, he not only built a loyal fan base but is the only rock star I know of his years who continue to attract new fans to this day. Thank you, Marilyn Manson, for the music, for opening our minds, being a guide and for being you.


May 2015 - Marilyn Manson has just completed the third leg of the Hell Not Hallelujah Tour in North America. The fourth leg will begin July 7, 2015 in Europe. After this leg, Marilyn Manson will begin the End Times Tour with Smashing Pumpkins in North America before continuing on with another Hell Not Hallelujah Tour, August 14, 2015 in Japan in continued support of his latest album, The Pale Emperor.

The Official Marilyn Manson website, marilynmanson.com.
    Last major update, October 14, 2014. Since then, links to a Video, Media, News, Tour Dates, Store and Artwork pages have been added. Sadly, the Artworks link page says currently not available though it has other offerings. The latest design features widgets from his social networks.

    You can shop directly off the official website now, but the store is Bravado, USA, who's hosted Manson's official merchandise outlet for many years.
    Marilyn Manson facebook The only official page.
  Lion Spirits, the makers of Manson's official absinthe.

Current 2015
     Jeordie White
     Paul Wiley
     Gil Sharone

     Daisy Berkowitz -  facebook.com/scottmitchell 
     Fred Sablan (Sablawn) - fredsablan.com
     Ginger Fish - vjgingerfish.com
     John 5 - john-5.com
     Madonna Wayne Gacy - facebook.com/stephen.bier.1
     Olivia Newton Bundy - facebook.com/brian.tutunick
     Tim Skold - www.skold.com
     Zim Zum - zimzum.com
          twitter - twitter.com/mrzum
     Zsa Zsa Speck - unknown

     R.I.P. Gidget Gein (Brad Stewart) - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gidget_Gein

For more information on members that were for tours see Manson Wiki Members

Bullsik Gallery -  Fan art by artist MichaƂ Szyksznian
Manson Wiki - mansonwiki.com
    facebook -  facebook.com/MansonWiki
    instagram - instagram.com/mansonwik
    twitter - twitter.com/mansonwiki Portraits of the Hate Machine - seven1963.org This site includes bootleg RAR files you can download and open with 7 zip.
Provider Module - providermodule.com
    facebook - facebook.com/ProviderModule
    twitter - twitter.com/ProviderModule
The Marilyn Manson Cult
    facebook - facebook.com/groups/themarilynmansoncult
The Nachtkabarett - nachtkabarett.com  (nokt-kah-bar-ray)
    facebook - facebook.com/groups/51547171722
Wikipedia - wikipedia.org/wiki/Marilyn_Manson

Brazil (Brasil) -  marilynmanson.com.br
Czechoslovakia - marilynmanson.cz
Hungary -  marilynmanson.fan-site.hu
Russia - unkillablemonster.ru
    vk.com is a Russian social network. There are several Manson sites to be found there:
       Manson Source -  vk.com/mansonsource 
       Marilyn Manson -  vk.com/marilynmanson
Sweden - mansonsweden.com
There are many Manson fan sites to be found on facebook.

Columbine: Who's fault is it? - antilife.org/files/marilyn.html
Heinwelm.com - Gottfried Heinwelm directed the Manson film Doppelherz. Heinwelm.com
Manson Live -  mansonlive.com
Marilyn Manson Cult - angelfire.com/ut/omega99/Index2.html (not affiliated with the group by the same name on facebook)
Marilyn Manson for President 2004 - roboto4.tripod.com
Marilyn Manson Images - marilynmansonimages.com
Manson Live bootlegs
Spookhouse - spookhouse.net
Spooky Kids -  spookykids.net
Sweet and Sour Dreamz  - sweetandsourdreamz.blogspot.com The Arcane Chamber of Sin - angelsofdisruption.com/arcane/#MM

Dita Von Teese - wikipedia.org/wiki/Dita_Von_Teese
    twitter - twitter.com/ditavonteese
Evan Rachel Wood - twitter.com/evanrachelwood
Johnny Depp
Joseph Cultice, photographer - josephcultice.com
    tumblr - joeycultice.tumblr.com
Alejandro Jodorowsky, film director, writer - wikipedia.org/wiki/Alejandro_Jodorowsky
Dean Karr, photographer, director -  www.deankarr.com
    facebook - facebook.com/DEAN.KARR.DIRECTOR.PHOTOGRAPHER
Lindsay Usich - instagram.com/lindsayeusich
Manzin - manzin.net
    facebook - facebook.com/manzindotnet
Nick Kushner, owner of The Nachtabarett, blood artist -  thethirdangelsounded.com
Perou, photographer - perou.co.uk
Rudy Coby - rudycoby.com

Tony Silva
    facebook - facebook.com/tony.silva
    tumblr - pandoraspixel.tumblr.com

My other websites:
Personal - facebook, twitter

Vamp Romancer, paranormal romance author
   Blog - vampromancer.com
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