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Aug 11, 2010

     From before Portrait of American Family to today, Marilyn Manson has rocked us with his seducing voice and his band's unique hard driving music. Considered Goth by some, spiritual leader by others, he not only built a loyal fan base but is the only rock star I know of his years who continue to attract new fans to this day. Thank you, Marilyn Manson, for the music, for opening our minds, being a guide and for being you. 


The Marilyn Manson Website  
New site intro 10 10
UPDATED!!! 10/20/10 and true to form I had checked it last night and it was still the temporary vid. It's full of Manson awesomeness! It has a blog space and a comment space as well as the expected music, art and photo sections. It also has a cinema section! 

The background sound is a longer clarification of the temp vid, in which, I believe he says, "I helped hold her down, helped raped her, then... gave me..."  

Temp intro pic
I had guessed in April on Mansonwiki for his 8th studio album to be released, however since he's already updated his site and it's only Oct 10 idn. 
Babalon   The Official Marilyn Manson Message Boards. Operated by Nick Kushner. This is the place to met serious Manson fans for discussion. First study The Nachtkabarett. Marilyn Manson cannot have a better friend and brother than Nick  

    The Marilyn Manson Store New and vintage merchandise. Has customer support. Very nice to deal with.

Marilyn Manson Art Store  
Recently updated site. Look for buttons for  original, drawings (coming soon), limited editions, lithographs and posters (coming soon). 

      Mansinthe   The Marilyn Manson absinthe site. Tells you locations where Mansinthe is available. (check your local liquor store) Mansinthe is a light green licorice tasting drink. 66.6% proof.    

    Myspace   You can comment his page, check his pics and listen to his music. If you friend him, you will see him status often. (This is his ONLY official page here) 



      Facebook  Manson "took back" this site in 2010. His twitter is connected here, so if he tweets it usually shows here. Can post to his wall, check pics, info, store, widget, music and vids   

   Vampire Freaks  Manson does not visit here often, still it is an official site. He posts bulletins here and invites friends/fans to events. You can mail him here

    Twitter  Manson is not a twitterer. However, I believe he is busy. When he does tweet it sometimes appears on his Facebook page


     Mansonwiki   A Marilyn Manson encyclopedia, yet so much more. Owned and operated by dedicated fans. Like wikipedia with great graphics. News, pics, articles, links, art, forums, and more. If you know how to edit wikipedia, you can become a member and contribute. If you're not sure how one of the administrators will help you. Really good people there

     On 10/7/10 Mansonwiki added the Bio channel's Manson documentary to their page. 

       The Nachtkabarett   (nokt-kah-bar-ray (ger.)) 
Used with permission
 If Mansonwiki is the encyclopedia then Nick Kushner's site is a bible.  An in-depth study and analysis of Marilyn Manson's work. Learn what 
Manson's lyrics mean, what the symbolism
stood for. What the connection is between Anti-Christ Superstar, Holywood and Mechanical Animals is. Learn who and what Manson studied. I can only scratch the surface of what you will find here, but if you still have questions, please refer back to Babalon, The Official Marilyn Manson Message Board, operated by Nick Kushner. 
     Please visit his store: for art as well as a place to donate to help maintain these sites. I have read them for longer than I care to admit am not done  

     Celebritarian UK   Cool site! Starts with a razor blade with the double-cross that fades into a clock. Click on the clock before clicking on the enter button. Inside, click on the symbols spiking from the circle. It appears, however, this site has not been updated since 2009. Would be a shame to see this one go by the wayside

     Marilyn Manson wikipedia   A good standby. Mansonwiki light


   Sweet and Sour Dreams  Interpretation of Marilyn Manson and his work, his status's and current and past Manson events. Belinda Cantu is an excellent writer with knowledge of the Tarot, numerology, dream interpretation and more. She updates often so make sure to check out her archives!

     Provider Module  For Manson news and updates

     Fuck Yes. Marilyn Manson  Sorry, but that's the name of this wonderful blog and I can only agree. It has pages upon pages of pics, vids and blurbs. I see no way to comment or contact owner? Although I do see comments there.



     Bullsik Gallery  If this doesn't open in English, then paste: http://bullsik.com in a Google browser and select translate next to site name. Look 1/2 down page to find the Manson Gallery.


    MansonGallery.net  Copyrighted pics. Says she has 1000's of pics in high res for sale. 

     LIFE   Like in LIFE magazine. Lots of pics that you can enlarge. Right click disabled. 


Czech .
     Marilyn Manson cz   Click enter. Looks up to date Unofficial site. 

French .
     MansonWorld.net  Looks recently updated

     MarilynManson.fr  Looks like a blog, however good visuals and I know they are very active, very up to date and actively pursue people of interest for interviews

     marilynmanson59310   Good job Blandine! Current. Nice looking fan page

German .
     MansonWorld.com    Had a pop up! Even though I have pop up blockers on. FAIL

     Though I have seen one listed it is no longer valid
    Marilyn Manson Official Columbia   Says official, but I see no proof of that. Slow to start and I clicked on the tour page and was amazed! However, there was no way to navigate back to home! Even the back button on my computer didn't work. FAIL

     Spooky Kids Chile   Looks up to date, a short page. Has the ACSS vid that was leaked pre-maturely
    Mechanical Christ   (Brazilian) One page with thumbnails. Has a Marilyn Manson photo that he just updated today!  Their date says 09/08 which for me would mean Sept 8th, but for them, I guess means Aug 9

      Marilyn Manson Mx (Mexico) Possible new. Nice graphic and opening sound bite. Hit the tiny banner above the Donar sign to enter site
   MarilynManson.se   The url I have listed:  http://marilynmanson.se//news.php will not load


Vintage Sites

   Spooky Kids  Started in 2005 and updated for three months. A treasure trove of graphics of Manson's early days.
     Spook House  Mentions 1996. A dedicated fan posting stories of Manson's good deeds.

   Marilyn Manson Images  From 1989 through the Lest We Forget album. Lots to see. Bright colors.

Some of these do not work, but are still interesting:
   Manson University  Has one pic and says site has moved but nothing happens when you click on it. The url says: http://omega19x.tripod.com/hierophant_index.html.


The Arcane Chamber of Sin  Look in the center and you will see a section on Marilyn Manson. I found the Marilyn Manson and the Occult: The Third and Final Beast interesting. If you click the Home page it takes you to: Angels of Disruption. There, the copyright mentions 1997-2010, so perhaps this should be listed with current sites, however I see no new writings under the Marilyn Manson section since I first saw this site a year ago

     Marilyn Manson Cult  Says under new management but has no date. Look in box to the left and you will find A Note From Mr. Manson

   Vote for Marilyn Manson for President  in 2004. Cute! 

   Temple of Marilyn Manson  Non working site.  Has pics

   Quotes   From a site that says: Omega Quotes. Tried to make a url out it to a home main page but no luck.

   The Kinderfeld  Info up to the Mechanical Animal era.

    My Date with Marilyn Manson  Really cute story! Don't forget to click on the link at the end to see if it was true or not

    Marilyn Manson  By Wickedland. Has info up to 2003

     Helnwein .com A 2002 news update on Gottfried Helnwein's site in regards to the Doppelherz film.  

      Columbine - 10 years later 

      "Who's Fault Is It?" article Marilyn Manson wrote about Columbine in 1999 that was published in The Rolling Stone.



     Marilyn Manson is NOT on Cha Cha. (and neither is Twiggy/Jeordie, or Evan Rachel Wood, Or Laney Chantel.

    Marilyn Manson is not on Fubar. 

    Any site on myspace or Facebook not mentioned in the above official sites are not legit.

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